Here’s the thing - they didn’t NEED to force Seylum to get out of the dress. They didn’t NEED to give an excuse.


I’m fairly certain we ALL saw this coming.

And now we know how the cast featured in the opening comes together - forced bonding through leadership roles.

Slaine and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

It kills me how, in one day, Slaine is…

1. Electrocuted


2. Choked with a gun


3. Whipped


4. And verbally abused until FINALLY the dude believes him…


5. ….just in time for the dude to get BLOWN UP


6. ….and kidnapped by the enemy…


7. ….and forced to have AWKWARD TIMES with said enemy.


So basically, it really just sucks to be Slaine.


Why the hell do I watch this show?

I’m sorry, I’m just in the feels corner over here, having a good, solid freakout.

It’s amazing how I don’t put up with this crap in live action films (with the exception of Pride and Prejudice), but put me in a shoujo anime situation and I’m all a flutter. Props, Ao Haru Ride.

Of course, his conviction isn’t nearly as strong as his hormones.

Mama Rei knows all about Izumi’s BL feelings.

Also, did anyone else notice that the show Izumi has playing in the background is the same one Ryouma was filming earlier in Love Stage, when he walks into walls because he can’t stop thinking about Izumi.

The tides have turned!

I actually really love the flashbacks to baby Kou. I think his and his brother’s relationship is adorably antagonistic.

I love how Shougo and Rei were basically responsible for Izumi’s entire parenting history - because his parents didn’t do shit.

Also, they all agree that Izumi is just a fucking mess.

Most badass moment in the history of Aldnoah.Zero. I mean, this whole battle with Slaine and Inaho being awesome - and then out pops the princess piloting a giant ship. 

Bring on the epic soundtrack and battle-ready feels!