Well, that escalated quickly.

I don’t remember what I was expecting when we first met this chick, but I don’t think I was expecting her to transform into a “justice”-obsessed gun cyborg…

Admit it, you laughed, too!

Aside from this being just the darned cutest thing that ever was or will be, it is also a great opportunity to put Makoto’s skills and patience to work where they will be most appreciated.

He has earned the archetypal “Bridesmaid” status among my friends - always a bridesmaid, never a bride. He’s friends with Haru, but rarely gets enough attention to reciprocate his own efforts. He’s competitive, but nowhere near good enough to muscle in on Rin and Haru’s rivalry. He gets shut out a lot and has no real “out” to resolve his internal turmoil.

I’m really hoping that this is a sign of his stepping out of the shadows and rising to the top in a field that deserves his awesome energy.

Um, what? That isn’t even REMOTELY steak. Eating two pieces of sushi is not remotely terrifying.

Um, what? That isn’t even REMOTELY steak. Eating two pieces of sushi is not remotely terrifying.

If you watch no other part of this show, watch the elephant dream sequence. I don’t care what your gender, sexuality, or general levels of comfort/discomfort with shounen-ai is, you will piss your pants laughing.

Oh wow, I don’t think it occurred to me that Akame ga Kill was capable of stabbing me in the gut like that. Ouch. I was expecting a joke, not a reminder that all this kid’s friends are dead.


I don’t really understand this show (and kind of can’t stop laughing at the insanity of it all), but I’m a little freaked out by that body pillow.

Actually, I’m really freaked out by body pillows in general… Why do they exist? Can someone explain this to me me?

I’m maybe five minutes into Tokyo ESP, and I don’t know all that much about the script yet, but I am LOVING the shiny animation.

Hisami/the show as a whole wasn’t scary until this moment. Hisami came off as a goober more than anything. I am now scared shitless of this kid. Can’t tell if it’s a red herring or not, yet. I’m assuming it is. But I’m intrigued by how a shift in moment and perspective changes this show entirely.