Hahaha. The truth comes out, the King is a weirdo.

YES! I’m SO GLAD someone explained this! It took me WAY too many years of swimming to figure out this rule:

For those of you who don’t know swimming: Freestyle, or “free,” means that the stroke is the swimmer’s choice. What everyone has been swimming thus far is called front crawl (as opposed to back crawl, breast stroke, or butterfly). All things being equal between competitors, front crawl is the fastest stroke of choice. Therefore, over time it has become synonymous with the word “free,” but you technically don’t have to swim it in those events.

So Rei is totally fine swimming butterfly, and the decision of the captain to also swim fly is in the spirit of matched competition. If the captain had chosen to swim front crawl instead, Rei wouldn’t have stood a chance.

As it stood, I’m not sure he did anyway, but again, ceteris paribus….

The realist vs. the optimist.

Is he happy? I think he’s happy… right?

Sometimes I can’t tell of Nagisa is doing that because he enjoys being immature and flirty, or if he’s doing it to psych Ai out.

Something very big was conveyed in this moment about the dynamic between these three, and I get the feeling it’s related to a love triangle (because when is it not, especially in summer).

Wow. He’s like a spikey mini Roy Mustang.

The entire line-up of expressions in reaction to Haru’s shenans is priceless.

I missed this show.

The second half of Mekakushi Dan episode 4 is kind of like Run Lola Run:

Have you seen that movie? It’s German.

The premise is that this girl, Lola, is trying to get by with her boyfriend, but they’re short on cash. He decides to stage a robbery and dies. She relives the day over and over, trying to make sure he doesn’t die, and makes little changes each time. Color and imagery are used to signify the changes.

Now, keeping that in mind, I present to you the 4 days of Hibiya trying to save Hiyori.

Day 1 - The day she follows the cat and gets it

Day 2 - The day he tries to keep her from following the cat

Day 3 - The day he tries to bipass seeing the cat altogether

Day 4 - The day he follows the cat instead

The cool thing to do is to look for the choices and the changes.

Around the second half of episode 1, Bakumatsu Rock takes a turn for the entertainingly ridiculous. It’s like someone in the writing process realized that the storyline was screwed, so he preemptively threw it off a cliff into crazy town.